Graff-Pinkert stocks the most used Hydromat rotary transfer machines of any machinery dealer in the North America. Graff-Pinkert carries 10-station, 12-station and 16-station Hydromats, including the following models: Pro-20, HW 25-12, HB 45-12, and HB 32/45-16. Both bar machines and chuckers are available. Graff-Pinkert contains a vast supply of Hydromat units, enabling the company to set up machines for customers' specific jobs. This differentiates Graff-Pinkert from most other Hydromat resellers who can only sell machines as-is with only the units the machine came with. PCM, HSK, quick-change and older style units are available in Graff-Pinkert's extensive supply of Hydromat units. Not sure if a Hydromat is the right machine for your job? Send us a print and Graff-Pinkert can advise you whether a Hydromat is best option for your needs. When you buy a Hydromat from Graff-Pinkert, you will recieve a clean machine, with units of your choice and a 30-day guarantee. Very few used machinery dealers can offer this.

  • Hydromat Hydraulic Valves

Hydromat Hydraulic Valves. Various Types

  • Hydromat Woodpecker Valves

Graff-Pinkert has many shelves of Hydromat units and accessories. The Website shows only a small fraction of our vast inventory. Call us if you are looking for anything Hydromat!

Hydromat 36-100 Drilling/Turning Unit. HSK style. With Gear Reduction Gear Box.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12

Hydromat HW25-12, mfd. 1984. Saw, Bar feed, Inverter. Assorted units.

  • Hydromat HB32/45-16

Hydromat HB32/45-16, Mfd. 2010. 16-Stations. Saw, bar feed, Inverter, Units as pictured, including (6) CNC units and (2) Vertical units.

  • Hydromat HB45-12

Hydromat Pfiffner HB45-12. Mfd. 2001, with 4 meter bar bundle style loader, Saw and Inverter. Units as pictured. One Kininger fine tuning unit with servo motor.

  • Hydromat EPIC HW25-12

Hydromat EPIC HW25-12. Full CNC Rotary transfer machine. Mfd. 2013. Bar feed, saw, inverter, assorted units and tooling, presetter. Less than 1000 hours of use. Contact us for a detailed quote.

  • Hydromat Recess/Turn Unit with head

Hydromat Recess-Turn Unit with head. 20-Series. $12,500

  • Hydromat 40-Series Recess-turn Unit

Hydromat Recess-Turn Unit with Flange


  • Hydromat Unit Motors

Hydromat Unit Motors. Various sizes. Call for pricing.

  • Hydromat 20/80 Series Unit

Hydromat Drilling/Turning Unit, 20/80 Series.  Many in Stock.

Price: $5,500

  • Hydromat Standard Flanges

Hydromat Standard Flanges, for all sizes of units.



  • Hydromat Threading Unit, 20-Series

Hydromat Threading Unit, 20-Series. Mint Condition.

Price: $8,000

Hydromat Cutoff Saw. 40-series.

(3) Saws available. $13,500-$17,500.

  • Hydromat 26-80 Drilling/Turning Unit, PCM style

Hydromat 26-80 Drilling/Turning Unit. PCM style. 

Price $7,000

  • Hydromat EPIC 36-100  Turning/Drilling Unit, HSK style

Hydromat 36-100 Drilling/Turning Unit. HSK style. For EPIC CNC Hydromat. Rebuilt.

  • Hydromat 36-100 HSK Drilling/Turning Unit

Hydromat 36-100 Drilling/Turning Unit. HSK style. With Gear Reduction Gear Box.

  • Hydromat HW 25-12 CNC Rotary Transfer Machine

Hydromat HW25-12, Mfd. 2001, 12,800,000 cycles, motors and controls, electrical box, hydraulic pack, chip conveyor with sump, bar feeder.

Mfd. 2010. Saw, bundle loader, inverter, assorted units. Call for more details.


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